With prolonged exposure to allergens, symptoms become chronic and inflammatory.

Someone who is highly allergic to pollens will develop chronic sinusitis over the course of the season.

Someone allergic to cats or dogs and who has a cat or dog at home will develop chronic sinusitis.

The allergens typically responsible for chronic sinusitis are dust mites, found in mattresses and bedding, to which we are exposed every night.

Sinusitis symptoms

  • blocked nose, blocked sinuses
  • runny nose, nasal secretions
  • discharge in the back of the throat, secretions
  • chronic cough, irritation of the back of the throat, need to clear the back of the throat

Treatment of sinusitis

  • local treatment
  • avoid allergens if possible, but in any case dust mites
  • desensitization to cure sinusitis

Dr Nicolas ROUX


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