Pollen is carried by wind or insects

Pollination period depends on plant and climate

The most allergenic pollens are those that emerge in spring

Often the period is longer, from late winter to early summer.

Symptoms of pollen allergy

Pollen allergy is often referred to as hay fever.

Symptoms frequently increase from year to year, and can begin at any age.

These are mainly :

  • Rhinitis : itchy nose, sneezing, discharge, often accompanied by itchy palate
  • Conjunctivitis : itchy eyes, redness, secretions
  • Asthma : breathing difficulties in the lungs
  • Oral cross-allergy: itching inside the mouth when certain fruits (apples, hazelnuts, etc.) are eaten.

Treatment of pollen allergy

Medicines provide allergy relief

Desensitization cures allergies

Dr Nicolas ROUX


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